CliniMove Dynamic Seat Cushion

The CliniMove dynamic seat cushion has been developed by a manufacturer with years of experience in the pressure area care market. Taking into consideration some of the limitations with existing dynamic seat cushions, the CliniMove offers a simple solution to enable effective 24-hour care for patients who are at very high risk of pressure ulcer development but wish to sit out in a chair.

Unlike many existing dynamic seat cushions that share a control unit with a mattress, the CliniMove has a dedicated control unit. This means caregivers do not have the inconvenience of disconnecting and reconnecting the control unit when the patient moves from a bed to a chair and back again.

The CliniMove has been designed to be ultra-portable and compact, with a 36-hour battery life. Uniquely, the CliniMove also offers a choice of two therapy modes to provide clinical choice; continuous low pressure and alternating low pressure.


  • Choice of two therapy modes

    The CliniMove cushion offers both continuous low pressure and alternating low pressure to allow the clinician to select the most appropriate therapy mode for the patient.

  • Simplicity of use

    The control unit is a silent, vibration-free system that is intuitive and simple to use, with clear symbols.

  • 36-hour battery life

    The unique 36-hour battery life means the cushion is ultra-portable. The extended battery life also enables easier 24-hour care without worrying about frequent recharging.

  • Comfort and posture

    The CliniMove cushion offers both comfort and postural support, as the trochanters are supported by a section of viscoelastic foam at the front.

Cushion dimensions 46cm (w) x 48cm (l) x 10cm (h)
Control unit dimenions 21cm (l) x 10.5cm (w) x 6cm (h)
Cushion weight 1.8kg
Control unit weight 0.75kg
Minimum patient weight 40kg (6st)
Maximum patient weight 180kg (28st)
Comfort adjust 5 comfort levels
Alternating low pressure cycle times 10, 15 and 20 minutes
CliniMove Dynamic Cushion Brochure