AeroSpacer Heel Off-loader

The AeroSpacer heel off-loader is a revolutionary but simple alternative that removes the many drawbacks of existing heel off-loading devices.

Comprising three layers of 3D spacer material with a top quilted layer, the AeroSpacer offers many benefits thanks to its innovative material:

· Does not cause sweating, indeed 3D spacer textile it has been demonstrated to effectively manage microclimate

· Provides enhanced pressure redistribution and reduces shear stress

· Improves comfort and increases concordance

· Does not inhibit mobilisation

· Improves governance with infection prevention and extends product life as it can be laundered between patients

· Encased in a welded Xtreme moisture vapour permeable, waterproof cover with a non-slip base to ensure it stays in place throughout the night

· Can be wiped clean or laundry disinfected and tumble dried


  • Improves governance with improved infection prevention as the AeroSpacer Heel Off-loader can be machine washed and tumble dried, meaning it can be used multiple times with different patients, delivering real value for money over an expected five-year life.

  • Comprises an open, breathable structure, removing heat and humidity at the skin/surface interface. In comparison to other heel devices, this will create a cooler, more comfortable environment and may increase concordance with use. The design eliminates the need for a bulky heel boot.

  • The heel off-loader has been specifically designed to absorb shear strain and adapt in shape during use. This means it can also be used as a positioning aid, not only to off-load the heels, but to aid patients who may need support on one side.

  • In addition to off-loading both heels, the design increases the loaded surface area in comparison to pillows and other heel off-loading devices, therefore providing greater pressure redistribution, support for the calf and improved comfort.

Width: 65cm (25 ½”)
Depth: 30cm (12”)
Height: 7.5cm (3”)
Weight: 0.65kg (1.4Ibs)
Indications: There is no minimum or maximum weight limit however usage would be contraindicated if the heels touch the underlying mattress.
Cover: The blue top cover is Xtreme PU coated textile with enhanced chemical resistance. The base of the cover is grey, low slip PU coated textile. The coated zip is on one short end only.
Warranty: A one-year performance warranty applies to the AeroSpacer Heel Off-Loader and cover.
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