AeroSpacer Cushion

The AeroSpacer cushion is a revolutionary new reactive therapeutic support cushion comprising three layers of 3D spacer textile which is evidenced to provide effective pressure redistribution, reduce temperature & moisture at the skin/surface interface, reduce shear strain and improve comfort levels when compared to high specification foam.

Recognising that human morphology and our perceptions of comfort are different, AeroSpacer uniquely provides four alternative seating options, enabling a favoured position to be identified and selected by the user or carer.

Due to the unique construction of the cushion and the properties of 3D spacer textile, instead of a ‘one style fits all’ approach, the AeroSpacer cushion will perform subtly differently depending on the orientation of the cushion, i.e. whether number 1, 2, 3 or 4 is positioned to the front. Therefore, users may perceive one orientation to feel more comfortable or supportive depending on their anatomy. Some users may also find one orientation helps to support asymmetric posture.

Additionally, the 3D spacer and cover design removes heat and moisture from the patient/surface interface, creating a less humid, more comfortable environment for seating.



  • The AeroSpacer cushion is the first cushion that can be machine washed and tumble dried. This not only improves governance with improved infection prevention procedures but also provides cash releasing savings due to extended product life.

  • Infection prevention Xtreme cover for use in the acute environment. This cover contains a polyurethane coated moisture vapour permeable, multi-stretch textile which is resistant to chemical cleaning.

  • The climate control cover is manufactured from a knitted multi-stretch fabric that in addition to the inside of the cushion, can also be fully laundered. The breathable cover allows greater heat and moisture reduction providing optimum microclimate benefits.

  • Soft, quilted upper layer enhances comfort.

Width: 45cm (17¾“)
Depth: 45cm (17¾“)
Height: 7.2cm (2¾“)
Weight: 1.1kg (2.4lbs)
Max patient weight: 127kg (20st). Suitable for use on chairs with a safe working load which exceeds this weight and only where the patient is fully supported by the cushion and chair.
Warranty: A one-year performance warranty applies to the AeroSpacer cushion and covers
Expected life: 5-years
AeroSpacer Scientific Testing
AeroSpacer Range Brochure