Safe Mobilisation

Immobility is a common pathway by which a host of diseases and problems in the elderly produce further disability. Patients who are chronically ill, aged or disabled are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of prolonged bed rest. It is well documented that early rehabilitation and out-of-bed activity will improve patients’ outcomes. Complications of immobility are known to significantly increase patient’s length of stay in hospital with large associated costs to healthcare commissioners. Patients who are immobile can quickly develop complications such as pneumonia or UTI, impacting negatively on both length of stay in hospital and overall outcome.

For an elderly patient, as a general rule, for every day they spend in bed it may take up to seven days of significant activity to regain the loss of condition and strength1. However, as the population of patients get older and more vulnerable, early mobilisation becomes more challenging. These challenges are often further compounded for some patients, particularly those who are unable to mobilise from the side of the bed e.g. hip replacement, abdominal surgery, stroke, neurological problems or pain.

To prevent nosocomial infections, it is important that the patient is mobilised both in the bed and out of the bed. It is well documented that head of bed positioning will prevent nosocomial pneumonia, therefore achieving the correct head of bed angle is vital.

30° of head elevation allows greater residual capacity of the lungs and therefore improves oxygenation levels. It will also enhance the well-being of a patient who is recovering after surgery or someone who has been very ill. 45° of head elevation is a semi-recumbent position that enhances respiratory function, well-being and promotes the feeling of progress in mobilisation for the patient.

Our range of MMO beds incorporate ‘Safe Stop’ positioning, where the backrest automatically pauses at 30° and 45° of head elevation, removing the need for guesswork or to bend to view angle indicators to ensure your patient is appropriately positioned.

Our ultra-low beds also allow a custom entry and exit height to be set for each patient, further enhancing  safe mobilisation.

The intelligent design of the MMO 6000 combines safe and intelligent mobilisation with falls management and so offers significant clinical, patient and caregiver benefits.

 1. Vulnerable Adults: Patient Falls’. Presentation by Denise Shanahan, Consultant Nurse, Older Vulnerable Adults, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board