Medstrom selected for implementation at Willow Burn Hospice

Willow Burn Hospice in Lanchester, Durham, has selected Medstrom to provide beds and surfaces for the new hospice wing in a move designed to improve patient care and experience. Medstrom, the UK’s only independent provider of bed management services and products to the NHS, has supplied a quantity of MMO 3500 ultra-low beds and P.R.O. Matt Plus surfaces.

Selected for its innovative three-section side rail design, along with a low height and the ability to set a customised height, the MMO 3500 beds offer improved patient mobilisation and independence, as it allows the patient to exit from the middle of the bed whilst using two side rails for support. The MMO 3500s offer a wide range of material and upholstery choices to provide a comfortable and tailored experience for the hospice patients. In addition to the new beds, six P.R.O. Matt Plus surfaces were provided to the facility.

These semi-dynamic surfaces feature innovative cell-in-cell design and Pressure Redistribution Optimisation technology to offer very high levels of protection against pressure ulcers for immobile and very unwell patients while providing a high level of comfort.

Partnering with Medstrom was an important step for the hospice to help further improve patient care and safety, as Paul Jackson, chairman of Willow Burn Hospice, states:

“For our patients, safety and comfort is paramount. The new MMO 3500’s low height, combined with the three section side rail design, will allow us to both prevent falls and make it easier for patients to safely move in and out of the bed. Medstrom is more than just a specialist provider of beds and surfaces, rather they have been a true partner, helping to bring to life our vision of creating an inviting, comfortable atmosphere paired with ensuring the highest quality care for every patient.”

Along with helping to ensure patient safety in the hospice, the new beds will also improve the working experience of staff. The MMO 3500’s unique wheel design and lightweight frame will allow staff to easily manoeuvre the bed, reducing the risk of back injury to staff. This ease of movement is particularly important at Willow Burn, as it allows patients to be moved outside to enjoy the superb views whilst in the comfort of their own bed. Similarly, the P.R.O. Matt Plus surfaces will benefit staff and patients by removing the need to transfer patients from a foam mattress to an air mattress or vice versa. This not only removes the manual handling risk but also improves efficiency. Medstrom will work together with Willow Burn to provide product-specific training and 24-hour clinical support from their Clinical Nurse Advisors to ensure staff are confident using the new equipment.

National sales manager at Medstrom Healthcare, Helen Brassington, comments on the project:

“Supporting Willow Burn with the creation of their new facility has been exceptionally rewarding to the Medstrom team, as we’ve found great alignment between our companies’ missions. The team at Willow Burn share our passion for providing quality care and ensuring patients are comfortable no matter their circumstance. This project was particularly exciting, as the Medstrom team were able to collaborate with designers and architects to create inviting environments through bespoke bed design. It has been fulfilling for Medstrom to play a role in creating a positive overall experience for the patients of Willow Burn and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

Along with being involved in the design of the new hospice facility, Medstrom also sponsored pallets of bricks that were used in the build. The sponsorship demonstrates Medstrom’s commitment to supporting the hospice’s mission in providing the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.