MMO 6000 for assisted mobilisation

The intelligent design of the MMO 6000 low hospital bed combines safe and intelligent assisted mobilisation with falls reduction management, offering significant clinical, patient and caregiver benefits.

The 6000 sits the patient up, progresses them into a full chair position, then if required, gently and safely lowers them down so their feet are positioned on the floor. Using the height adjustment control the patient can then be assisted to a standing position with a minimum of caregiver intervention.

High levels of reliability combined with a robust frame enable a 10-year warranty to be offered.


Key Features

  • Transitions the patient from supine to inner chair position, then safely and smoothly assists to a standing position

  • The backrest pauses at 30º and 45º of elevation, ensuring effective patient positioning for improved respiratory function

  • The backrest lengthens as it rises, which reduces sliding hence reducing shear and friction

  • Semi-integrated AeroSpacer surface assists with the prevention and treatment of moisture lesions and pressure ulcers and improves microclimate and comfort levels

Technical Specification
Dimensions of sleep deck 90cm x 200cm
Dimensions of bed frame 99.9cm x 214cm
Minimum height (from top of sleep deck) 31cm
Maximum height (from top of sleep deck) 83cm
Safe working load 250kg/39st (215kg/34st patient, 35kg/5½st mattress + accessories)
Electric, shear-reducing back angle adjustment to 70°
Electric thigh section angle adjustment to 30°
Manual calf section angle adjustment -20° to 20°
Electric Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg angle 13°
CPR Electric and bi-lateral manual with dampened action
Bed weight 175kg/386lbs
Headboards & footboards Plastic, removable, tool-free
Eight-wheel double castors 100mm
Warranty 10 years. Five years on motors and electrical components
Wide range of options and accessories
Innovation in hospital - Clinical Services Journal Nov 16
MMO 6000 Brochure